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We use the standard ORF name for genes and TFs.  If your gene names are in a different format you can translate the names at SGD. Full translation tables are available for download at SGD.  Also, the Ensembl Genome Browser allows you to download lists of gene translations.


You can enter the name of a transcription factor and get a list of regulated genes.

Please enter the name of your TF (e.g., YEL009C): Threshold:

You can enter the name of a gene and get a list of TFs which regulate it.

Please enter the name of your gene (e.g., YPL248C): Threshold:

When you enter your desired probability cutoff note that Probabilites are of the form P(target | SVM output) and a threshold of 0.5 represents the Bayes optimal decision threshold. Thus, a good classifier would normally choose any genes with P>0.5 as targets. For more confident sets, increase the threshold. When deciding which threshold to set, it may be useful to look at the accuracy of the classifier for your TF of interest. You can probably choose looser thresholds for more accurate classifiers.